Wireshark filter

Operator AND OR -> && ||

ip.addr == <ip>

eth.addr == <mac address>



QoS (DSCP) on Wireshark

1. Right click on one of the existing columns.
2. Click on column preferences
3. Click Add down the bottom
4. Click on the “New Column” Label and change it to “DSCP” then hit enter once.
5. With the new entry highlighted, change the Field Type to Custom (in the dropdown box)
6. In field name, copy and paste in ip.dsfield.dscp
7. Click Apply/Ok

Reference: https://www.mikrotik-routeros.com/2014/04/enabling-dscp-tos-display-column-in-wireshark/

Cacti – Fix the change page bug in Create New Graph Page

There is a bug of javascript in “Create New Graph Page”.

To fix this bug, you may modify the php file “html.php” and “html_utility.php” at <cacti directory>/lib/.

Change all the code from “function gotoPage” to “function goto$page_var”.

Cacti – Page Load Agent (URL monitoring)

Source: http://www.askaboutphp.com/44/cacti-using-cacti-to-monitor-web-page-loading-part-1.html

1. Included the xml template for host, data and graph.

2. Modified the php to support https & http both.

Download: pageload-agent

Best app for PC remote access android

1. Install app on android

Download APP

2. visit https://www.mobizen.com/ or download and install the application from the web site.



fix blank page of chm in windows 7



We are unable to use the chm file with blank page, which is downloaded from the internet.

To fix the problem, we may unlock the file from the file properties.

Cacti: gauge、counter、derive、absolute

類型:如果輸入數據依序為 98 100 98:
GAUGE(個別值,像CPU loading):產生圖形時畫 98 100 98
COUNTER (累計值,像流量資料):產生圖形時畫 2 -2
DERIVE (累計值,像流量資料),小於0畫0:產生圖形時畫 2 0
ABSOLUTE 如同 COUNTER,但 COUNTER 可能 overflow(數值過大),所以會取絕對值
補充說明,COUNTER/DERIVE/AVSOLVTE 雖是取差值,但會再除以兩次間隔間的秒數,如上 COUNTER 例,兩次間隔間為 300 秒,那畫出來的就是 2/300,-2/300 的值

Tera Term display chinese

1) Change the “locale” to “cht”.

2) Change the “CodePage” to 950.

If the chinese word still cannot be display, you can try to change another font. It’s work for me.

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免費VPN for iPhone/Android

Tenacy 開心直通車支援 PPTP,L2TP/IPSec 以及 OpenVPN 三種標準的網路協定(OpenVPN 尚未啟用)。

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Writing Regular Expressions of perl in easy way

Check It Out~


some reference for regular expressions:


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