The Oregon Trail: American Settler building/food info

It’s a good game~ But so many bugs

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免費VPN for iPhone/Android

Tenacy 開心直通車支援 PPTP,L2TP/IPSec 以及 OpenVPN 三種標準的網路協定(OpenVPN 尚未啟用)。

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Apple patent application aims to keep iPhones shatter-proof with shock mounted glass

From ‘smart’ pens to a smarter Siri, Apple’s always attempting to find new ways to improve the iPhone, and the company’s latest patent application wants to keep its crack-prone glass blemish free. Aptly named a “shock mounting cover glass in consumer electronic devices,” the invention claims a tunable shock mount sandwiched between the phone’s glass and other hardware. There’s also plans for a sensor that can distinguish a “drop event” from normal phone movements and an actuator to prepare the shock mount for impact. Given that it’s only at the application stage, we won’t be seeing bombproof iPhone displays any time soon, but here’s hoping it’ll become a product reality someday. Mostly so we can see just how much of a beating it can take.


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