Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime vs Apple iPad 2

It’s fair to say Apple’s iPad 2 has enjoyed relatively unimpeded dominance in the tablet market. The device is powerful, user friendly and just oozes with Apple appeal, making it a sure-fire hit. But now we’re starting to see tablets from Apple’s competitors roll-out with some striking design features of their own.

Foremost among these contenders to the iPad 2’s crown is Asus’ Eee Pad Transformer Prime, a device that may have a silly name but is rather more smart when you dig below the surface. Will it offer enough to topple Apple’s tablet from its lofty perch, though?

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Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime full review

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Transformer Prime 今天在台灣發售,香港月中推出

先前就已經接獲線報全球首款四核平板 Transformer Prime 將於今年12月起在多個地區陸續問世,而最新消息讓這個線報更加真實了。來自 Asus 發言人對外聲明指出,Transformer Prime 已確定多個地區的上市時間,台灣慶幸成為首發地區,今天於台灣正式發售,而容量涵蓋 32GB 及 64GB 兩種,32GB 基本規格售價為 1,7900台幣(約 $4,591港元);64GB 售價為 20,900台幣(約 $5,360港元);若加上鍵盤的 32GB 版本售價則是 20,900台幣(約 $5,360港元);64GB 售價為 23,900台幣(約 $ 6,130港元)。

至於香港地區也不用等太久,預計 Transformer Prime 亦可趕及在聖誕節期間前推出,而售價跟台版差不多。

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