美國太空總署( NASA)發現「新地球」。「新地球」在太陽系外,距離地球 600光年( 1年光相等約 9.46萬億公里),體積為地球 2.4倍,它環繞一個類似太陽的恒星公轉一周,可能有水,適宜生物居住,恍如地球的雙生兒。
這顆行星名為「開普勒 22b」,是 NASA用「開普勒」( Kepler)望遠鏡首次在太陽系外發現的類似地球行星,跟地球很多相似之處:地球每 365日環繞太陽公轉一周,它則每 290日環繞一顆恒星公轉一周;跟地球一樣處於恒星的「可居住帶」中,若有大氣層包圍,表面溫度估計約 29° C,跟地球溫帶春季差不多;可能有液態水,即可孕育生命。至於它的主要成份是崖石、氣體或液體,還有待進一步確定。
自今年 2月以來,開普勒望遠鏡共發現 1,094顆新的候選行星,令總數增至 2,326個,但迄今只有包括開普勒 22b在內的 29顆行星獲確定是真行星,當中又以開普勒 22b最似地球。 NASA開普勒項目科學家赫金斯說:「這是發現地球『雙胞胎』之旅上一個重要里程碑。」

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Distant Worlds Portable v

Distant Worlds is a vast, pausable real-time, 4X space strategy game. Experience the full depth and detail of large turn-based strategy games, but with the simplicity and ease of real-time, and on the scale of a massively-multiplayer online game.

Vast galaxies are made to order: up to 1400 star systems, with up to 50,000 planets, moons and asteroids. Galaxies are so deep, fun and immersive that you won’t want to finish the game… Build, expand and improve your empire endlessly. The galaxy is packed with life and activity. Encounter other empires, independent alien colonies, traders, pirates and space monsters. Explore star systems, asteroid fields, gas clouds, supernovae, galactic storms and black holes. Discover evidence of civilizations long since past, uncovering secrets about the galaxy’s troubled history…

Best of all, you can play the game your way: enjoy a quick, intense game in a crowded galaxy or take your time in an epic game spread across a vast galaxy!


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